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    Collaboritsi is the registered consultancy of Dr Olena Mykhailenko, PhD and Dr Todd JB Blayone, PhD.

    Olena is a university educator, research director and senior consultant. She conducts workshops for educators and business professionals addressing cultural dimensions and educational transformation. Her publications span development economics, cross-cultural analysis, and post-industrial digital learning. See: Curriculum Vitae of Dr Mykhailenko (PDF)

    A Métis Canadian, Todd holds a PhD from Technological University Dublin, Ireland and MAs from the University of Toronto and Ontario Tech, Canada. He functioned for nine years as Director, Digital Business Development at a Canadian news conglomerate. His academic publications investigate human readiness for digitalised learning and work toward Industry 4.0. As an online instructor, Todd designs and orchestrates collaborative online learning experiences. See: Curriculum Vitae of Dr Todd JB Blayone (PDF)

    We’re interested in exploring partnerships and funded collaborative projects related to educational transformation, digital readiness and social progress. (We are registered as a private consultancy in Ontario, Canada. Olena is a citizen of Ukraine and a resident of Canada. Todd is a citizen of Canada and resident of Ukraine.)

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