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Post-Industrial Digital Learning Workshops for Educators

Collaboritsi designs custom professional-development workshops and short courses for educators focused on our post-industrial learning model, presented below.

Collaboritsi’s educational-transformation workshops offer content and guided activities that facilitate engagement with all five dimensions of the Post-Industrial Digital Learning Transformation model. Our primary goal is to instigate informed conversation and personal reflection about the nature of post-industrial digital learning and its interaction with local cultures.

The Post-Industrial Digital Learning Transformation (PIDLT) model (Mykhailenko and Blayone, 2017) brings together five trajectories from our research and practice. Taken together, these trajectories situate practices of learning within a program of building digitally-skilled learning communities and transforming higher learning “from below.” The PIDLT model incorporates a socio-cultural perspective that encourages flexible approaches to educational transformation aligned with the values and aspirations of learners and educators in local contexts.

Post-Industrial Digital Learning Transformation Model

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