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Cultural Values Scale (CVSCALE)

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The Cultural Values Scale (CVSCALE) is a 26-item, five-dimensional scale of individual cultural orientations measuring Hofstede’s renowned five typologies of culture at the individual level.

Yoo, B., Donthu, N., & Lenartowicz, T. (2011). Measuring Hofstede's five dimensions of cultural values at the individual level: Development and validation of CVSCALE. Journal of International Consumer Marketing, 23(3-4), 193-210. doi:10.1080/08961530.2011.578059

Yoo, B., & Shin, G.-C. (2017). Invariant effect of individual cultural orientations: an application of CVSCALE. International Marketing Review, 34(6), 735-759. doi:10.1108/imr-03-2015-0055

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